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Trying times & a steady hand at the wheel...

There is no doubt the world is in a unique situation with the current covid19 pandemic. Business has no doubt been affect for many and as a business owner it's a time to call an all hands on deck type attitude. Of course there are certain things a business owner cannot control during this time but there are things you can do to help better position yourself. That is not to say that all businesses are being severely harmed - some are not. We have many owner clients that continue to operate profitably even during this period. For example we recently spoke with many of our client owners and found that in Sarasota and Manatee counties alone we have multiple manufacturing businesses that are as busy as usual. We have several services companies that are getting several new clients per week - more than average! And we have several wholesale and retail clients that continue at usual or near usual levels. Certain businesses are positioned better than others and continue to operate at or near normal. For example we currently have a commercial type sales business, that is considered essential, that is doing very well. That said not all US businesses are doing fine and we're here to help, free of charge of course, any new clients by offering advice and best practices advice. Simply call or email us, we're not selling anything!

For current business owners it is important you do one thing immediately. Visit SBA.GOV

In these unprecedented times the government will in many cases:

1) Give you money to operate your business to pay your payroll and some expenses. This loan can be forgiven if the rules are followed

2) Many SBA loans will have up to 6 months payments forgiven! This has not occurred in any recent time.

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