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The most frequent question we answer.

At Abbex we speak with business owners every day and at every stage of selling their business. The single most common question we hear is “What is my business worth?”

It’s a great question — if you’re going to sell, you want to make sure that you’re going to get the highest price that reflects all the time, sweat equity, energy and sheer will power you’ve spend to make your business successful.

We analyze different business segments to give business owners a precise estimate for what they can expect to sell their business for, based on their specific business.

Don’t worry — we’re here guide you and help you through this important decision and process. Not only will we give you peace of mind but most importantly we'll work closely with you to get you the maximum sale price possible. After all no business broker on the Gulf Coast has been in business longer than us - 42 years and still growing. Let us show you how we operate and succeed. Rest assured after over 1100 sales you can trust Abbex to help you succeed in selling your business.

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